Serious OTK Spanking Punishment

2011 July 14
by admin

otk spanking

After a long day of work, her husband came home and expected to be served his meal. This wife of his was supposed to have all the housework done because he holds a steady job and she does not. Anyway, upon returning home, he found his wife sleeping on the couch without the work being done around the house. He was feeling horny and powerful and decided some OTK Spanking was in order to teach her a lesson. He grabbed her and put her over his knee and began to spank her tight ass. With each spanking motion, this girl experienced some intense welts to her ass. Instantly this playful OTK Spanking became more real as he put some emotion into it while thinking about her lack of contribution.

After 5 minutes of intense over the knee spanking, he let her go and make up for her mistakes. Needless to say, this woman from then on continued to do the things her husband has asked of her without complaining. It was a lesson well learned and we’re sure that she doesn’t want another OTK Spanking done to her again. For the next few days, her ass turned purple and was tender to the touch.

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