Rosy Red Ass Cheeks

2011 March 20
by admin

over the knee spanking

Rosy red cheeks are always so special, especially when one girlfriend tosses another in front of the bus. It may be some kind of revenge thing, but so many subby girls look for any opportunity to get their sisters spanked, while they get to watch.

Betrayal or not, thrown under the bus or not, there is no way that someone is going to miss a good over the knee spanking when given the opportunity. This blonde slut got her sub sister in trouble by making her back talk to her master, and that just wouldn’t pass. Her master stripped her to her bare ass and spanked her hard, because thrown under the bus or not, you never back talk to your master. I think she got the last laugh though, because the blond got her turn as well, and she ended up with a backside that was even more red then her sister slave!