OTK with the Hairbrush!

2013 July 6
by admin

Girls get into some nasty habits when they grow up and experiment, but one of the worst is definitely smoking. Why take such a lovely young body and go out and ruin it with the nasty scent of nicotine, not to mention what it does to their skin. It takes quite a hard lesson before a girl who gets into that habit breaks it, and usually it takes a certain amount of old-fashioned, corporal punishment before they get the lesson through their cute, but young heads. It’s a good thing that we have so many caring people who are more than happy to apply those lessons.

Belinda is certainly one of those that needs the intervention of a strong hand, because she just keeps right on sneaking cigarettes. When she gets caught again, it’s time for our Mr. Anderson to step in and show her why it’s such a bad idea to get hooked on such nasty things. When he confiscates the hairbrush from her, he turns it into the opportune implement of her punishment as he makes her strip down and get over his knees for over one-hundred and eighty blows with the brush. With the bruises as reminder, something tells me she will remember that pain the next time she reaches for a cigarette.

Watch Belinda get spanked on video HERE