Husband Punishes Wife With Spanking Otk Before Giving Her Some Dick

2010 April 2
by Spanking Fan

Things get really heated and wild at home one day, once a husband and wife start to disagree on a very touchy subject. It seems that all the arguments are always about the kids, and they can’t seem to agree who is right and how needs to get over the fact that they are gone. Once the naughty wifey starts talking back and flipping her hands in his face, the hubby get really rough and thinks she needs a harsh punishment. DOWNLOAD the video and watch the wild bare bottom otk get frantic and crazy on the floor.

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He has her hands locked behind her back as he starts to strip off her underwear, getting her into position for the spanking otk punishment. Things get really quick and sizzling hot in the room, as the heavy and and paddle start whipping her juicy ass into shape. In the heat of the moment, things turn from a heated debate and punishment, into some really erotic spanking. He pulls her ass cheeks apart and gets a glimpse of her juicy cunt, and quickly grabs his cock to shove it inside the tight hole. The bare bottom otk turns into a rough hard core fucking right on the floor to get her treated. SEE the video and watch the wild and kinky spanking otk.