Harsh Otk Hand Spanking On Naughty Wife

2009 December 24
by Spanking Fan

Spanking Shame brings you the wildest spanking otk punishments that turn really steamy and erotic in seconds. When a naughty wife starts to misbehave and talk back to her husband, he gets into total control and starts to teach her a lesson the hard way. The slim brunette babe is pulled into his lap and receives a heavy hand on her jean covered butt, before the babe bottom otk spanking begins. JOIN the fun and watch the harsh and heavy otk hand spanking.

OTK Spanking

The strict husband doesn’t waste much time before he pulls her pants and panties down to her knees and starts repeatedly striking her round lumps with his hard palms. At each powerful blow the skin begins to turn beet red and she starts to moan out under her breath. While he gets her into other otk spanking positions and lifts her leg above his neck, her juicy pussy starts flashing out and ready to be tapped by his quick little fingers. The guy gets totally horny at the sight of her juicy cunt, and continues the spanking otk discipline with his cock out of his jeans and stroked by her legs. SEE the video and watch the otk spanking pictures.