Brunette Girlfriend Getting Spanking Otk Foreplay

2010 January 3
by Spanking Fan

Bad Females features one of the hottest and most seductive spanking otk treatments we have ever seen. A gorgeous brunette babe with short spiky hair, gets really cute and playful with her boyfriend on the couch. She is wearing a super sexy short ruffled skirt, that doesn’t take long to be stripped off her round curves and ready to be stroked by his hard and heavy hands. GET access and watch the wild spanking otk punishment that she gets, to teach her a lesson about who is the boss.

OTK Spanking OTK Spanking
OTK Spanking OTK Spanking
OTK Spanking

He flips her into his lap and has the plaid skirt flipped up to start the bare bottom otk spanking treatment. As her soft cushions start to turn red and swell up from the pain and pleasure she has to endure, she starts to get her pussy damp in her cute panties. Once they are ripped off, the erotic spanking is ready to continue, with him sliding his fingers into her cunt each time he strikes her tight bottom. At the pleasuring punishment, she starts grabbing her pussy lips and rubs it hard on his lap. CLICK HERE to download the video and watch the bare bottom spanking turn into a wild and kinky foreplay on the couch.