Brunette Gets Otk Spanking, Before Hairbrush and Strap is Taken Out

2009 November 4
by Spanking Fan

Spank Camp is the place where the naughtiest girls get sent to, to learn to obey and get the discipline that they need. These badly behaving teens have really committed bad felonies, and this is the last resort that will get them to learn their lessons. When a brunette girl was brought into the office, she got her first spanking otk punishment from a dominating blonde mistress, who knew exactly how to use her forceful hands. SEE the bare bottom otk punishment and watch her cheeks turn beet red.

OTK Spanking

At each painful strike on her round white booty, she gets large indents of the hands of her punish-er. After the hand spanking is not enough to make her admit up to her actions, she gets treated by a hard hairbrush and even has her palms whipped by large leather straps. The continuous pain she receives makes her start to whimper and finally starts getting broken into an obedient girl. The real otk spanking is just enough to get the brunette thinking about what she’s done every time she takes a seat on her juicy butt. JOIN the fun and see the spanking otk punishment.